Kitchen utensils - quality kitchen products at affordable prices

Hi, and welcome to Classy Cooks in Emsworth.

With several decades of catering and chef experience behind them, your hosts of Classy Cooks in Emsworth, Keith and Lynne, are well suited to continue and build on a reputable kitchen shop that has been established for over 8 years.

Kitchen utensils, pans, bakeware, kitchen knives

"Quality Kitchenware at the right price..."

If you are looking for anything to do with kitchenware, cooking or making food, then Classy Cooks in Emsworth has it all covered.

Our shop is located in the heart of Emsworth, and it is filled with hundreds and hundreds of kitchen items that you will just love.

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A huge range of kitchenware and kitchen utensils

"From jugs to roasting tins..."

Classy Cooks can cater for most needs of the mum (or dad) who love cooking and want quality cookware and kitchen untensils ready for making that perfect meal.

Professional chefs in local pub kitchens will also be impressed by the range of chef knives we stock. Our quality and prices cannot be beaten - even online.

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Steamers, Scales, Woks, Frying Pans, Cookpots and lots more

"Flan cases, Piping bags, Spatulas..."

Stainless steel steamers, salad spinners, digital food weighing scales, spanish terracotta dishes, handcast frying pans, pizza dishes, baking tins, cake tins, stockpots, tin openers, garlic presses, hand whisks, salt and pepper mills, rice steamers, popcorn makers, oil flasks...

Well we could go on, but pop along to our Kitchen Shop in Emsworth to browse, choose and walk away happy!

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Where is Classy Cooks in Emsworth?

"Open 6 days a week..."

Our Classy Cooks shop is open 6 days a week, from 9am to 4.30pm Monday to Saturday.

Situated just beside Lloyds Pharmacy, and opposite the Co-Operative store just down from the main roundabout before you go into Emsworth town centre.

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